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We offer the following choice of packaging products:

  • corrugated cardboard boxes:
    a) three-layer cardboard: fluting type B, C and E, basis weight 360 to 600 g/m2,
    b) five-layer cardboard: fluting type B + C, basis weight 750 to 800 g/m2,
  • covered with brown or white paper on one or both sides
  • flap boxes (American-box), die cut - rotary cut;
  • with possibility of 4-colour print
  • Styrofoam filling, as a fill-up and protection of the packed goods.

A wide range of ready-made designs as well as production flexibility enable us to meet the requirements of virtually every customer's order for corrugated cardboard packages.
All our products comply with cardboard packages designs created by FEFCO and ASSCO organizations, applied in packaging systems all over the world.

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